Materials Resource Planning (MRP) Training

Is your staff doing too much work manually with resulting high labor costs?

Is inventory too large for past and current customer demand?

Is safety stock not in line with customer current demand?

Is Production Control having to plan around the dynamic scheduling and constantly-changing customer relationship issues?

Are engineering production controls creating headaches for your production line and staff?

You may feel that these issues are disconnected and complex, but in fact there is a common thread, and that is MRP. Material Resource Planning is the system link between production plans and finished goods. It outputs the requirements for the necessary component parts as well as the number of labor and machine hours needed at each work center. However, with the advent of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), systems are unable to account for the interaction of capacity, lot size, and utilization.

Recent studies have determined that most organizations do not have MRP system staff who are fully skilled in the most critical areas, who lack understanding of how MRP actually works and how the system is programmed to operate. Once these basic relationships are understood it becomes easier to comprehend real-life complications such as multiple products and work centers, equipment failures, labor interference, etc.

This 9-12 hour, four-session class covers the MRP body of knowledge from the foundations to an advanced understanding of MRP logic and the data that needs to be in place to make it work for you.

Starting with an overview of the inputs and outputs of an MRP system, we then drill down to the detail of each input and output as well as the logic of MRP and how it uses the input data to produce the outputs necessary to plan and control a company’s MRP. Also covered are the planning tools that can be used in an MRP environment.

The curricula continues with a review of those items that do not fit completely into the MRP logic and strategies for dealing with them, a review of the company’s Planning/MRP system within its ERP application, and recommend improvements to the data inputs or the planning process.

We also review the Bills of Material in relation to packaging, what is in the BOM and what is not, the yields and the control of the Engineering Change process. Finally, the class covers the IT process and logic that is in place, and the outputs from this.

Based on our experience with other companies, a significant improvement to the planning process can be made in a short period of time once the attendees understand the overall logic of an MRP system and how the input data affects it. We have delivered this class to over a dozen companies in the past year and all have been impressed.

Attendees should be from the Planning department, and it would be an asset to the class to have at least one person from the Information Technology (IT), Purchasing, and Engineering departments. The course is also ideal for first-line Supply Chain Management, Planners and Buyers.