Are Your Workers Deficient in Requisite Skills?

skilled workersSix out of ten skilled production positions are unfilled due to shortages of quality applicants and available talent. What factors are affecting this sector of the U.S. workforce?

  • Baby boomers continue to retire in droves (we are losing our embedded knowledge and technical skill)
  • The pipeline of young talent has been severely weakened by the offshore movement and factory closures between 1990 and 2010. Younger generation manufacturing workers have begun looking elsewhere for career opportunities.
  • The nature of the work has changed – technological change and innovation are outpacing the supply of skilled workers

Nearly 80% of executives believe that the talent shortage will affect their ability to meet growing customer demand, develop new products and implement new technologies, as streamlined production lines, increased automation and a reliance on advanced technologies that utilize fully automated computer–controlled processes are also creating the demand for higher skills. It is estimated that $45 billion is lost due to unfilled positions.

Essential manufacturers need skilled workers who have the ability to master advanced technologies, be able to work collaboratively, use critical thinking and problem solving abilities, and who can embrace the culture of never-ending training and continuous improvement.

Government policy decisions are not likely to adequately close the 3.5 million-job workforce gap expected over the next ten years.

Corporate Training Institute (CTI) and its affiliated companies have worked with over 85 major Southern California companies over the past 25 years, including aerospace, automotive, medical instruments, semiconductors and other high-tech fields.

Our scope of services has ranged from policy/procedure and process improvement to user systems implementation, from team building, financial and shared service centers to numerous lean services.

Our approach is slightly different from other firms in this field. In order to get rapid but lasting results:

  • We address the immediate areas of pain, whether it be system, process or people-related.
  • To establish a realistic scope and goal, we assist in identifying the resources to which you are willing and able to commit.
  • We customize the extensive body of APICS knowledge to your type of manufacturing process and customer demands (we can deliver the complete CPIM program for your employee certification, as well as executive workshops).
  • We deliver concise, high impact classes that specifically address your areas of concern, including demystifying your MRP system.
  • Armed with directed knowledge and specific actions, your committed resources get straight to work on tasks that will net immediate improvements, proving they understand the program concepts and can get results
  • CTI provides whatever assistance is needed so that your resources actually succeed.

The bottom line: You should see measurable results within 45-90 days – no long-term effort required.

CTI has established relationships with three approved State of California ETP (Employment Training Panel) agencies. We have the ability to secure funding for most of your training cost. If funds are available, we can generally gain approval within a one-week time frame.

Contact us to help educate your staff.