Executive MRP Workshop: Decode the “Black Magic” of Your MRP System

Accurate Prediction is a Must

Accurate prediction is a critical element of organizational success. CEOs, controllers and plant managers, in particular, need relevant information to properly manage production and delivery.

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Symptoms of MRP Under-Utilization

​Is your organization experiencing any of the following?

  • Missing delivery dates?
  • Excessive inventory?
  • Disconnects between Sales Demand and Operations?
  • Customer orders, sales orders and work orders not in synch?
  • Supply difficulties with your key customers?
  • Still too many manual processes?
  • Not sure your MRP information is accurate or complete?
  • Disappointing return on investment on your MRP system?

Your MRP system should provide you with the information you need, but relying instead on manual processes, hope and guesswork may mean that ​your organization is not fully utilizing its MRP system.

Fast, Useful Results

The good news is that learning how to unlock the potential of your MRP system need not be a long or expensive process.

Here’s your opportunity for an effective and brief (2-3 hours) MRP workshop, ​designed for executives, that pinpoints the most common and pressing issues relating to MRP system utilization. ​You will learn about your system’s actual capabilities, the inputs required and outputs delivered. With the methodologies provided in this briefing you will be able achieve transparency and predictable results in a short time, using a few key pe​rsonnel.

This on-site workshop will provide you with more knowledge and success than you typically receive. Because we intend that each client representative fully absorb and benefit from the knowledge and solutions presented, we limit our workshops to 12-14 people. To provide the greatest value and convenience, we offer this workshop on-site at your location.  You may schedule a morning session, a lunchtime brown bag session or an afternoon session.

To Find out More or to Schedule This On-Site Workshop:

Contact Chuck Jones
​Cell: 310-666-9493