Rapid Results in Five Areas that Impact Companies Most

Waste – it’s all around us – inefficiencies, excess inventory, inaccurate demand forecasting…but what can be done?

Through outsource training and consultancy with over 85 companies in Southern California, Corporate Training Institute has identified 20 key areas of waste common to most businesses.

We have chosen five particular areas that companies struggle with the most:

  • Inventory Accuracy
  • MRP Basics
  • Safety Stock
  • Purchasing Tools & Formulas
  • Demand Management

With our training method substantial gains can be made in a few short weeks. Using proven best practices to get rapid results in any corporate environment, our High Impact Training delivers a faster and better result than typical training.

What is High Impact Training?

  • Designed around a realistic scope, we deliver actionable information
  • The emphasis is on achieving results, not just theory
  • Employees learn the steps needed to gain rapid results
  • Short cycle times mean a minimal time investment to see a payoff
  • Employee leaves armed with checklist:Know the steps, execute, see the results
  • Phone and email support assistance: We want your employee to get results!

Benefits of High Impact Training

  • Defined by measurable results
  • Short training period and rapid results equal reduction of cost
  • Not one big solution with a long runway: Instead, sets of small steps to build on improvements
  • Employee’s capabilities increase with each cycle
  • Employee encouraged by achievement of attainable goals, takes ownership
  • Later emphasis on tackling increasingly ambitious projects

The classes are structured into short, half day sessions so your employees don’t experience heavy interruptions to their standard work schedule. Our intent is that each client representative absorb, use and benefit from these knowledge solutions so we limit our courses to a maximum of 12 people.

We also offer on-site training at your facilities. Should you have at least 7 students we can secure State of California ETP (Employment Training Panel) funds to offset the training expense. We have successfully delivered many of these programs with significant results for our clients. Contact us for on-site training pricing.