12 Common Concerns Management has about its MRP System

Why aren’t our inventory figures right?

​Can’t the MRP system tell us this?

Why are we still doing this manually?

We need just a few comprehensive reports.

What do these error messages mean?

Can you answer my question in simple terms, without the computer-speak?

​What’s wrong with our supply chain?

Why is our customer service lacking?

Who here really understands the MRP system?

Didn’t we train everyone?

Do we need an MRP refresher course?

Why aren’t we seeing the expected ROI?

If these are things you’ve either uttered or heard in your organization, chances are your MRP system is not being properly utilized. The good news is that CTI can help executives and managers quickly learn the key factors needed to increase MRP utilization. Armed with this knowledge you can set initiatives into motion to remedy the above concerns using a small number of key personnel.

How? By attending our Executive MRP Workshop. Read more here.