Case Study #55: Part Two – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

In part one of this case study we discovered the reasons for lackluster sales at our client’s consumer electronics big-box retail partner stores, and knew a training solution would revert this trend. We would use the upcoming multimedia training presentation that the client and its competitors delivered once a year to the retailer’s 5000 car audio sales associates. Read Part One here.

Part Two

After selling the customer a car audio system, a security system is a natural up-sell to protect the vehicle and its contents. Though our client was not the market leader, it produced an excellent security and keyless entry system. Lack of adequate security system sales at this retail customer’s stores was not only a big concern but a mystery. Our investigations (described in Part One) uncovered the “why.”

Though we found the client’s market leader competitor had more expansive product information displays than our client’s, it was another factor entirely that was ruining security system sales. Again, it came down to how the sales associates helped the customer choose a security system. On the surface this seemed innocuous enough: The associate would ask the installer for his security system recommendation.

The rub was that the installers received a flat installation commission per unit, so a quicker installation meant installers could complete more installations per day (increasing their effective per-hour wage). Because our client’s security system was neither the fastest nor the easiest to install, the installer would recommend a competitor’s product. Again the client’s product was being aced out of the sales lineup!

Armed with this information, an approach was conceived: The client reworked its product to make installation easier by:

  • Decreasing the size of the system controller unit
  • Color-coding the wiring to make it visually simple
  • Imprinting the wiring diagram right on the control module casing
  • Upgrading the 4-button remote control so that the installer could program the system using the remote
  • Including an installation manual in each box

Now we had the key elements of our presentation: A training manual for the retailer’s sales associates giving them everything they needed to successfully sell our client’s products, and a more easily-installed security system. The video would need to reinforce both the training manual and the security system update.

Coming up in Part Three, how these elements came together and the results of the presentation (with stills from the video), including how our solution increased sales by 3X in just the following two and a half months.

Read Part Three.

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