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Organizationally we all hope to expand, to increase sales, introduce new product lines, open new markets or regions; in other words, to prosper. However, if an organization is not expanding, it is not really maintaining – there is really no such thing as “staying even,” since prices and wages do not remain the same. The trick is to be clever about expansion, eliminating waste, increasing efficiency and executing key strategies while clearing the roadblocks out of your way.

Our Experience

Corporate Training Institute and its affiliated companies have worked with over 85 major Southern California companies over the past 25 years, including big and small manufacturing, aerospace, banking and finance, automotive, medical instruments, semiconductors and other high-tech fields.

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Our scope of services has ranged from policy/procedure and process improvement to user systems implementation, from team building, financial and shared service centers to numerous lean services.

As a result of our experience we have identified certain critical areas of organizational difficulty in common between our clients. Management thinks it knows what is needed, and the staff all work hard, wanting their organization to succeed. Everyone should be on the same track, right? Not always. Many of you face these same dilemmas, regardless of your service or product.

Our Methodologies

As consultants we have developed a set of premier methodologies that address these organizational obstacles while we efficiently execute your project. Since the product of any project is the data or system actually being used, we can quickly determine the goals of the project, the users, the key data sets, and how to best deliver the needed results. What’s more, our methodologies are user-driven, because the end users are the ones who should be able to use the data.

We operate in a very hands-on fashion. Typically, the organization’s knowledge base resides in the heads of key employees. We determine who are our key information and approval contacts and set up our project in proximity to those resources. This saves travel time and allows us to constantly update our information. Our client reviews generally take much less time because we know the key resources, and our client point-people never need wonder just exactly what we are doing.

As part of our solutions we provide training (including APICS CPIM) to directly address your needs and can assist you in receiving State of California ETP funds to defray the cost of the training.

Return on Investment

Return on investment is important to you, and we want our completed project viewed as an excellent return. The 80/20 Rule, quality and the concept of value added are core operating data for us.

  • Our clients should receive value added benefits in excess of what they pay for.
  • Our projects must to provide the client with better utilization of systems, staff and processes.
  • We strive for standardization of processes and procedures to create more stable organizations.
  • We orient and train your staff to be more productive and to have greater use of their tools.
  • We do not ignore disconnects or apparent inconsistencies that we find. We bring them to your attention and formulate bright ideas that lead to workable solutions.
  • We are motivated to find inexpensive, workable, long-term solutions for our clients.

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