Case Study #55: Part Two – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

In part one of this case study we discovered the reasons for lackluster sales at our client’s consumer electronics big-box retail partner stores, and knew a training solution would revert this trend. We would use the upcoming multimedia training presentation that the client and its competitors delivered once a year to the retailer’s 5000 car audio sales associates. Read Part On...
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Case Study #55: Part One – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

circuit board assemblies
The strength of the supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. In this three-part case study, the client knew it had superior quality products that were well positioned in the market, but its sales were being mysteriously derailed at the retail level - the weakest link was a retailer partner’s sales staff. In part one we describe the startling factors found to be...
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12 Common Concerns Management has about its MRP System

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Why aren't our inventory figures right? ​Can't the MRP system tell us this? Why are we still doing this manually? We need just a few comprehensive reports. What do these error messages mean? Can you answer my question in simple terms, without the computer-speak? ​What's wrong with our supply chain? Why is our customer service lacking? Who here really und...
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Executive MRP Workshop: Decode the “Black Magic” of Your MRP System

executives and manufacturing
Accurate Prediction is a Must Accurate prediction is a critical element of organizational success. CEOs, controllers and plant managers, in particular, need relevant information to properly manage production and delivery. Symptoms of MRP Under-Utilization ​Is your organization experiencing any of the following? Missing delivery dates? Excessive inventory? Disconn...
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Upcoming Course Offerings

These are the classes CTI is currently offering: Safety Stock MRP Training Sessions (1 and 2) Inventory Accuracy Demand Planning Purchasing Most courses are held at our offices, but we also offer on-site training at your facility. Should you have seven or more students we can secure State of California ETP (Employment Training Panel) funds to offset the training ...
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Rapid Results in Five Areas that Impact Companies Most

Waste – it’s all around us – inefficiencies, excess inventory, inaccurate demand forecasting…but what can be done? Through outsource training and consultancy with over 85 companies in Southern California, Corporate Training Institute has identified 20 key areas of waste common to most businesses. We have chosen five particular areas that companies struggle with the most: ...
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Are Your Workers Deficient in Requisite Skills?

skilled workers
Six out of ten skilled production positions are unfilled due to shortages of quality applicants and available talent. What factors are affecting this sector of the U.S. workforce? Baby boomers continue to retire in droves (we are losing our embedded knowledge and technical skill) The pipeline of young talent has been severely weakened by the offshore movement and factor...
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