You Can Take that to the Bank: Semiconductor Manufacturer Financial Operations Case Study #56

circuit board closeup
Dramatic reductions in per-check costs and invoice approval times, month-end close cost reduction of $40K per month, consolidation of seven fixed assets systems that netted $500K per year in tax savings and local tax rebates of over $1M... The company was an international semiconductor manufacturer that decided to implement three shared service centers (in North Americ...
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Case Study #55: Part Three – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

wire bundles
In part one we described the startling factors found that were causing the poor sales of the client’s car audio system, and the excruciatingly basic solution - train the customer’s sales team. Read Part One here. Part two of this case study discussed the discovery that the client’s security and keyless entry system needed to be much easier to install to capture sales, and th...
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Case Study #55: Part Two – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

In part one of this case study we discovered the reasons for lackluster sales at our client’s consumer electronics big-box retail partner stores, and knew a training solution would revert this trend. We would use the upcoming multimedia training presentation that the client and its competitors delivered once a year to the retailer’s 5000 car audio sales associates. Read Part On...
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Case Study #55: Part One – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

circuit board assemblies
The strength of the supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. In this three-part case study, the client knew it had superior quality products that were well positioned in the market, but its sales were being mysteriously derailed at the retail level - the weakest link was a retailer partner’s sales staff. In part one we describe the startling factors found to be...
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Case Study #54: We Won’t Take it Anymore: Return Materials Authorization

A thorough analysis and revamp of a global semiconductor manufacturer’s Return Material Authorization procedures saved the company $2.5 million in the first year. Project Description The client was an international power management technology manufacturer with sales of more than $1.1 billion. Corporate Training Institute's sister company Corporate Knowledge, Inc., performed...
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Case Study #53: The Cost of Not Having Visibility

manufacturing line
Transforming constantly missed customer due dates, excess inventory and "bird-dogging" production into massive savings Project Description The client was a major international producer of aerospace fasteners. The company’s planning and scheduling difficulties caused them to continually reschedule due dates for customers. Personnel were unable to see what was needed to f...
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Case Study #52: Invoices with Wings – An Automated Approval Workflow System

The client was an international power management technology manufacturer with sales of more than $1.1 billion. Our sister company, Corporate Knowledge, Inc., performed this work. Situation Before paying a vendor invoice, Accounts Payable (A/P) required an approval from the internal customer that had ordered the product or service. Large invoices also required additional execu...
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Case Study #51: The Sales and Operations Process – Ignore at Your Own Risk

material rolls
The Sales and Operations process is not well understood in many companies. The information collected by the Sales department is often inaccurate and incomplete, because, unfortunately, forecasting and gathering data is not the first priority of a sales department, but rather done as a necessary evil and an afterthought. If not done well, and if the Operations personnel has l...
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Case Study #50: You Can Only Take Excel So Far

printed circuit board assembly
Excel is an excellent data analysis tool. If you need to dissect, or “slice and dice,” amounts of data there is probably no better tool available for regular business users. However, Excel used in business processes has two inherent weaknesses; one is that it has no audit trail (if an amount or a formula is changed in a cell there is no record of what was there previously) and ...
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