Bridging the Gap Between Strategy and Reality

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Enterprises typically have an executive strategic plan for growth, revenue, market share goals, and so on. Management presumes its plans will be executed. However, the reality is often quite different: the company suffers from planning troubles, missed delivery dates as well as missed strategic or tactical targets. Plans drag on or are not executed at all. Workers “in the tr...
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Case Study #55: Part Three – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

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In part one we described the startling factors found that were causing the poor sales of the client’s car audio system, and the excruciatingly basic solution - train the customer’s sales team. Read Part One here. Part two of this case study discussed the discovery that the client’s security and keyless entry system needed to be much easier to install to capture sales, and th...
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Case Study #55: Part Two – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

In part one of this case study we discovered the reasons for lackluster sales at our client’s consumer electronics big-box retail partner stores, and knew a training solution would revert this trend. We would use the upcoming multimedia training presentation that the client and its competitors delivered once a year to the retailer’s 5000 car audio sales associates. Read Part On...
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Case Study #55: Part One – How Big Box Retail Sales Practices Derailed a Quality Product

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The strength of the supply chain is only as good as its weakest link. In this three-part case study, the client knew it had superior quality products that were well positioned in the market, but its sales were being mysteriously derailed at the retail level - the weakest link was a retailer partner’s sales staff. In part one we describe the startling factors found to be...
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Overview This module deals with the financial aspects of the supply chain, particularly relating to inventory. It deals with the way that inventory is valued and includes the valuation metrics that the Finance department produces and measures the supply chain against. It also looks at how Work in Progress (WIP) is valued based on the ERP system and also measures the scrap an...
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