Capacity Management Training

What factors influence your organization’s capacity? What are the elements of capacity requirements planning and where do you find the necessary information in your resource planning system?

Understand capacity measuring and reporting processes and the data necessary to manage capacity. You will review in detail the shop floor calendar, manufacturing lead times and the elements comprising lead times, the work center load profile, including the planned and active work orders and where the necessary data resides in the company ERP system. Load is compared against capacity and you gain insight on the various choices that can be made to change capacity if necessary.

By understanding the information presented in this class, you can improve capacity management by using a more systematic and relevant reporting of load versus capacity, which also enables labor resources to be brought online in a more responsive manner.

This 4.5-hour class is recommended for those people responsible for managing capacity, including at least one representative from the Information Technology (IT) department and a member of the department responsible for bringing temporary labor on line.

Time: 4.5 hours

Topics Covered

Measurement of Capacity

  • Available Time
  • Utilization
  • Efficiency
  • Rated Capacity
  • Demonstrated Capacity

Capacity Requirements Planning

  • Inputs
    • Load – Calculation of load
    • Shop Floor Calendars
    • Set up in ERP system
  • Planning Data
    • Lead Time
    •  Work Center Data
    • Planned Orders
    • Open Orders
  • Elements of Manufacturing Lead Time
  • Establish a Load Profile
  • Operations time at each work center
  • Resolve differences between load and capacity

Production Activity Control

  • Load and Capacity Data
  • Where it resides in the ERP system