Executive MRP Workshop

A material requirements planning system is a big investment that can also be a big headache. To meet today’s tight delivery schedules, your MRP system should provide you with correct, relevant information. If it is not, there is a reason why:

Many, if not most, MRP systems are not understood and consequently are
grossly underutilized. The good news is that in one day you can be on the road to improved results using your existing, underutilized system.

We are not here to sell you a new system – we can show you how to improve your current system and process performance. We have 30 years of experience with over 100 companies and 50 implementations including all major systems – Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, midsize and other small systems.

Intended for manufacturing executives and managers, this one-day, 4-hour workshop covers the most common and pressing issues relating to MRP system utilization:

  • Constantly putting out fires
  • Inaccurate planning information
  • Missed delivery dates
  • Lead times too long
  • Excess or inaccurate inventory
  • Disconnects between Sales Demand and Operations
  • Customer orders, sales orders and work orders not in sync
  • Supply difficulties with key customers
  • Still too many manual processes
  • Not sure whether your MRP information is accurate or complete
  • Disappointing return on investment on your MRP system

Make your MRP System Actually Work for You

Who should attend: Engineering, Quality and IT managers, manufacturing and operations managers, CFOs and CEOs.

This high-impact seminar is conducted at your facility to reduce down-time and is tailored to address the specific issues you are having. With the methodologies described in this workshop, in a short time with a few key people you will be able achieve transparency and predictable results.

Seminar Content

  • Overview of material requirements planning system
  • Relation to demand management, inventory accuracy, planning and ordering
  • How the MRP engine works, symptoms of incorrect inputs; importance of correct inputs and outputs
  • Disconnects in your supply chain environment
  • What MRP does well and what it doesn’t do well


  • Understand your system’s actual capabilities
  • How MRP inputs and outputs affect accuracy
  • Hidden or unused functionality
  • Why reliance on Excel can contribute to your problem
  • The best sequence of actions to correct your situation

“This is the first time that I got some straight answers on why we are having these IT issues – finally makes sense.” –Owner/CEO, Aerospace Company