Onsite Workshop: Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

Is Your Operation Suffering From:

  • Excessive inventory and overtime
  • Safety stock and customer demand not in sync
  • Too much manual work
  • Constantly putting out scheduling fires
  • Customer relationship issues

The common factor between all of these seemingly random issues is your material requirements planning system. Material Resource Planning is the system link between production plans and finished goods. It outputs the requirements for the necessary component parts as well as the number of labor and machine hours needed at each work center.

Recent studies have determined that many organizations have MRP system staff are not fully skilled in the most critical areas, and lack understanding of how MRP actually works and how the system is programmed to operate.

A significant improvement to the planning process can be made in a short period of time once staff understand the overall logic of an MRP system and how the input data affects it.

Put your organization on the road to improved operations with this onsite workshop tailored to your unique organizational needs.

Delivered Onsite at Your Facility – Who Should Attend:

Plant Managers, managers from all functional areas, IT staff. Also ideal for front-line Supply Chain Management, Planners, Buyers, Scheduling and Inventory.

We have delivered this class to over a dozen companies in the past few years with excellent results. The first session includes interviews to determine specific issues.

“…applying the principles learned, the planning department has begun to shift away from the firefighting mentality and is now forecasting orders and creating frozen periods to create stability in our production facilities. This stability has increased vendor reliability, lowered product failure, and reduced cost associated with expedites and overtime.” —Aerospace Company

This 2-3 day workshop, onsite at your location, covers the MRP body of knowledge from the foundations to an advanced understanding of MRP logic and the data that needs to be in place to make it work for you.

Workshop Content

  • Conceptual overview of how an MRP system works
  • MRP inputs and outputs
  • Importance of having the correct information and how to get it
  • Relation to demand management (forecasting and sales), inventory accuracy, WIP control, planning data, part numbers and Bills of Material (BOM)
  • MRP exception messages and actions to take
  • Exercises to reinforce learning outcomes


  • Understand how your MRP system operates relative to supply chain activity
  • Understand MRP inputs, outputs, exception messages and corrective actions – vital to improve performance
  • Understand importance of data timeliness and accuracy
  • Eliminate daily firefighting through improved knowledge of optimal operations

Recommended Attendees

Planning department, at least one person each from the Information Technology (IT), Purchasing, and Engineering departments. This workshop is also ideal for first-line Supply Chain Management, Planners and Buyers.

5 attendee minimum.

State Employment Training Panel (ETP) funds are available for onsite employee training.  The amount available is determined by the number of workshop attendees.